Education is critical in the real estate appraisal profession.  Real estate appraisers need to take courses to become an appraiser, and also to maintain an appraiser license or certification.

There are three primary categories of courses for real estate appraisers that are taken at different phases of a real estate appraisal career.

Three Categories of Real Estate Appraisal Courses

Qualifying Education

In order to get licensed or certified as a real estate appraiser, you are required to take a certain number of hours of courses.  For example to become a licensed residential real estate appraiser, you would need to complete a minimum of 150 hours of qualifying courses.

These courses are not only required, but they are important for learning the real estate appraisal profession.

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Exam Preparation

Each classification of real estate appraiser has an examination that must be passed in order to become licensed or certified.  There is no examination to become a trainee.  The examination is taken after the required coursework is completed.

Although exam preparation courses aren’t necessary, they are helpful to take prior to the licensing and certification examinations.  The purpose is to help you pass the test by reviewing information and familiarizing you with the structure and types of questions to expect on the test.

Continuing Education

Licensed and Certified real estate appraisers have an ongoing continuing education requirement.  Continuing education is necessary to maintain your licensing and certification, to learn any new USPAP changes, and to further your knowledge of select topics.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Appraiser Courses

The Appraisal Qualification Board (AQB) sets the minimum standards for education, experience, and examination.  Education in the two phases of a real estate appraiser’s career is required:  “qualifying” prior to licensing or certification, and “continuing education” after you are a licensed or certified appraiser.

If you need or are considering taking real estate appraisal courses, you have the option to take them in a classroom setting, online, or home study.  Most states have a list of approved providers, which is helpful for finding classroom courses.  There are links to each state’s website in the state pages on the Appraiser Sidekick website.  Click here to find your state.  Online courses can be taken with companies such as Mbition.

What’s next?

Mbition offers online qualifying and continuing education courses for most states.  Appraiser Sidekick is partnering with Mbition for online appraisal courses.

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