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Welcome to Appraiser Sidekick!  Your resource that delivers information for starting and upgrading your career in real estate appraisals, from the company that can create website for independent appraiser businesses.

The real estate appraisal career path is expected to grow 8% through 2024 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  So now is the perfect time to start your career in real estate appraising.

Tools of the Trade

A real estate appraisal business needs tools to operate and be successful. We have curated a list of some tools that can help with your appraisal business and with doing appraisals.

The four groups of resources below include online education, appraisal software, business software, and appraisal tools.

Visit the Tools of Trade page to see a description of some resources that may provide value to your business.

New Career in Real Estate Appraisals

Real estate appraisal requirements differ from state to state.  The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) establishes the minimum education, experience, and examination requirements for real property appraisers to obtain a state license or certification.

Due to the AQB, state requirements have many similarities, but it is up to each state to determine their specific rules and processes.  If you are considering a career in real estate appraisals, please click on the link of your state above to take you to your state’s requirements.

Additional Licensing for Real Estate Appraisers

Real Estate Appraisers have three to four levels of certifications they can achieve in their career.  Each certification level has certain educational requirements.  The names of these levels can differ between states.  The four Federal Appraiser Classifications are Apprentice Appraiser (Level 1), Licensed Appraiser (Level 2), Certified Residential Appraiser (Level 3), and Certified General Appraiser (Level 4).  Please click on the link of your state above to take you to your state’s requirements.


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Frequently Asked Question about Real Estate Appraisers

What is a Real Estate Appraiser?
A Real Estate Appraiser is also known as a Real Property Appraiser.  This individual is a licensed professional that determines the value of real property, such as a home, commercial, or land.
Why would someone need a real property appraiser?
Real property appraisers are in demand for a number of reasons.  Mortgage lenders need appraisers for loan collateral purposes.  Lawyers need appraisers for property disputes that can happen in divorces.  Insurance companies may need an appraiser for determining the value of a property to be insured.  Property owners may need an appraiser for tax assessment appeals, and for determining the value of real estate that they would like to buy or sell.
How does a Trainee get the necessary experience?
The best way to get experience as a trainee is to work with a state certified appraiser.  Professional appraiser programs may also be able to assist with mentor programs.
I have to take an exam?
Yes, but you need to have completed the required education in order to take the examination first.  The national exam is 125 questions, and is estimated to take four to six hours to complete.

Tools of the Trade

View resources to help any real estate appraiser or aspiring appraiser. These resources include:

1. Online Education – Qualifying, Continuing (CE), and Test Prep

2. Appraisal Business Software

3. General Business Software

4. Appraisal Tools

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