Websites for the Independent Real Estate Appraiser

A word about websites

Every business today has a website. Real estate appraisers are no exception.

Websites provide value to visitors. A website explains your business, your services, and gives the visitor a means to contact you.

Websites are inexpensive for the amount business they generate. The website will drive business at any hour of the day or night that a potential customer is searching for a real property appraiser.

Appraiser Sidekick specializes in website development for real estate appraisers.

Contact Appraiser Sidekick to learn about the website that we can create for you.

Here’s what you get with a website from Appraiser Sidekick

A personalized website for your business.  Explain all the services that you provide, your licensing, and your value proposition.  You’re better than the competition, right?  Your website is your opportunity to prove it.

A way for visitors to your website to contact you.  Your contact information will be easy to find on your website.  And leads can send information requests that get delivered directly to your email.  Face it, a lot of people prefer to communicate over email, and some people prefer talking on the phone.  Give your potential clients what they want.

The necessary backend SEO.  We will ensure that Google and all search engines recognize your website as a local business.

We will work with you so your website ranks higher in Google and all search engines.  These are things that we can’t do for you, but you can do yourself.  You get our expertise.

Hosting.  Your website has to be hosted.  If you know what that means, then you can be confident that we provide fast and reliable hosting.  If you don’t know what that means, you can be confident that we’ve got your back.  Our monthly fee makes sure that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Technology and security updates.  We don’t sell you a website and then drop it in your lap to let it get old and dated.  We ensure that your website has the latest technologies so that it looks and works like it’s brand new, and security updates to minimize the risk of any bugs or problems.  Trust us, if you’ve read this far, you don’t want to be the one managing this.

A turnkey website.  When we deliver your website to you, you don’t have to do a thing.  Except to put your website address on your business card and send it out to your network.

Why Appraiser Sidekick?

We are marketers.  We are website developers.  We are a company who understands that Real Property Appraisers who market themselves well will generate more business and present themselves as more professional.

A website is the core of most businesses’ ability to market themselves.  This is especially true for real estate appraisers who don’t have many other avenues for marketing.  How much business do Yellow Pages advertisements bring?  How much business does your listing in your state’s real estate appraiser directory bring?

Want to know more about how you can get your own website for your real property appraisal business?  Contact us to learn what an Appraiser Sidekick website can do for you!

– Appraiser Sidekick

Appraiser Sidekick Pricing

$1200 One Time Setup Fee


  • Business website
  • Leads from your website emailed directly to you
  • Integrate your business branding
  • A blog page for you to post your articles and enable social sharing
  • Linked to your existing social media accounts
  • Backen is optimized for SEO

$49/month (optional)


  • Hosting that provides blazing fast speed for your website
  • Technology and Security updates as needed
  • Support

What is not included with this pricing?

  • Domain Name ( Why? Because we feel it is important that you own your domain name. But we will walk you through the purchase of the domain name and discuss strategy for choosing a domain name. A domain name will cost you ~$14/year paid directly to the domain registrar.
  • Copy.  You know your business better than we do.  We will write some of the copy, but the majority will need to be from you.
  • Logo. Why? Honestly, we don’t have a graphic artist on our staff. Our expertise is with websites, not graphic artistry.
  • Surprises!  All prices, fees, and extras are listed on this page.  We won’t surprise you with any additional fees when you sign up for this service with Appraiser Sidekick.

No risk

  • No early cancellation fees.  You are free to cancel your service with Appraiser Sidekick at any time with 30 days written notice.
  • We don’t hold your content hostage.  At your request, we will deliver all content including text and images from your website.
  • We will provide information to transfer all services we manage for you. If you choose to rebuild your website and transfer services, Appraiser Sidekick will not be responsible for technical support.
  • Nothing to lose.  Just business to gain.

Process to getting your website from Appraiser Sidekick:

  1. Contact Appraiser Sidekick to learn more.
  2. A call with Appraiser Sidekick so we can learn your needs and understand your business.  Please allow 30-60 minutes for the call.
  3. We will send you an invoice for the setup fee to get you started.
  4. We’ll get started on your website, and be in contact with any questions.
  5. You will review your website, and send us copy and pictures for us to use.
  6. Once you are pleased with the final product, we will launch your website.
  7. If you choose the optional monthly hosting, maintenance, and support service, you will receive your first monthly bill after the first month.  Did we mention that the first month is free?

The process can take as little as one week from consultation to website launch.



Contact Appraiser Sidekick to learn more about the website we can create for your business.

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